Management Consulting

Helping organizations innovate, transform, and lead. By looking more deeply into your business, Quiah Group helps bring bold strategies to life in unexpected ways. Through disruption and innovation, our clients are able to transform from market followers to market leaders.

Strategy Consulting

As the business environment continues to change, companies look to Quiah Group professional consultants to help them make key decisions about their operations and profitability. Whether simple or complex, we help our clients develop coherent plans of action that enables them to meet their defined goals.

Contract Review and Compliance

Our capabilities are extensive to include Big 4, GAAP experience, with a knowledgeable and experienced team, we assess the risk associated with third parties for accuracy and consistency and our integrated approach stems from our audit and legal background, which enables us to perform a detailed contract compliance review. We have assisted clients in providing the following services:

  • Compliance Review
  • Cost Recovery
  • Third Party Risk Management

Our Contract Compliance audit programs help to ensure that contracts are adhered to – with improved results via and extensive review process:

  • We conduct a thorough review of all expenditures, including the individual review of selected agreements with key suppliers and contractors.
  • Cost reduction and contract improvement opportunities are presented, along with the identification and recovery of overpayments and business concessions that translate to prospective savings.
  • We also work to identify the associated root causes of non-compliance and recommend opportunities for process/performance improvement.
  • Removal of inaccurate charges from future billing
  • Implementation of cost reduction strategies and Improved contract terms and conditions
  • Enhanced supplier relationships
  • Complete confidentiality and protection of all information

Scope of proposed services

Recovery & Accounts Payable Review

Identify overpayments

Detect hidden risks

Resolve unrealized credits

Recover lost revenue

Recovery of Overpayments for Direct and Indirect Spend

Identify contractual non-compliance

Develop long-term supplier relationships

Prevent future non-compliance

Contract Management Service

Effective governance and oversight throughout the contract lifecycle

Proactively monitor contract compliance in real time

Prevent financial losses related to contract non-compliance